The Tools, Equipment & Materials You May Need

Introduction to Upholstery Materials

In this video I provide an overview of the materials that are normally found and used in traditonally upholstered furnuiture which includes Tacks, Pins, Webbing, Springs, Hessian, Stuffing, Wadding, Calico, Edge Finishing and Twine. The video discusses the types, weights, gauges of these component parts and offers some guidance on what is best to select.

Tools & Equipment Introduction to Basic Tools

Many of the tools used by a upholster are everyday items that are available from a hardware store, but there are some specialist tools used in traditional upholstery that any upholster cannot do without!

View the video below where I introduce you to the basic tools any upholsterer needs.

Tools & Equipment - Sharp Finishing Tools

In addition to the basic tools covered in the video above, an upholsterer regulary needs a selection of pins, needles and finishing tools. Many of these are specific to the upholstery and not found in your normal hardware store. Here, I introduce you to the main items and what they are called.

Tools & Equipment - Trestles

Trestles are a useful peice of equipment for people who enjoy upholstery and regularly carry out projects. I introduce them in the video below.