Q. What types of payment do you accept?

We use PayPal, which allows you to use any credit or debit card you own. Just like any other online store.


Q. What if I want to cancel my subscription for the site?

You can cancel your subscription to Alison Scott Upholstery at any time. All you need to do is Sign-in and select!

You will continue to have full acess until the end of your billing period. If you've not quite finished your project you can renew your subscription, or if you've hammered away your last tack and wish to cancel you can!

All charges and fees are non-refundable.


Q. How do I update my credit card or bank details?

You can update your details any time. All you need to do is Sign-in and select


Q. How do I update my username and password?

Just sign-in and from the Main Menu select My Profile to edit your username and password


Q. How many Tutorials are there and how long are they?

There are over 40 hours of individually made videos. Each focuses on a different skill you will learn with me.


Q. How many times can I watch the video demonstrations and are they downloadable?

You can watch the video demonstrations as many times as you like while you are a paying member. The videos cannot be downloaded and are protected by copyright.


Q. Does any other course material come with the Tutorials?

There are additional pdfs included in the Extra Resources section of each Tutorial which can be printed for reference.


Q. Can I give a subscription to Alison Scott Upholstery as a gift?

Yes! Just sign up and a create a username and password for your recipient and give them the details.