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My name is Alison Scott and I love anything and everything to do with upholstery!

Whatever your level of expertise -- from beginner to more advanced upholsterer -- my videos won't just have you buttoning, piping and reupholstering chairs - but all sorts of furniture too.

The video tutorials here are concerned only with chairs. So they cover a few different skills that you will learn with my tutorials.

Materials, Tools, Equipment & Getting Started

Top cover fabric initially springs to mind with this title but that has a section of its own. The purpose of this category is to introduce you to all the materials that are required to reupholster, or repair, traditional chairs, sofas, stools etc. They combine to make up the all-important layers underneath the top cover. If the wrong materials are used, or are used in the wrong order, you can't expect your top cover to fit and wear well. It is therefore hardly surprising that these materials are very specific to our trade and you can easily be sold the wrong thing which will be a hindrance not a help! Reassuringly the materials list is not huge, but the type and quality are what's important.  

Tools & Equipment

Upholsterers' tools are not numerous, or costly, but it is very important to collect a kit that will help you do the job properly. Avoid being sold the wrong implements before you start. This recording will introduce you to every piece of equipment, its use, and safe handling. Upholstery can be a technical trade to master and you can't carry out all the different processes with incorrect equipment.


Tip for Cutting Hessian

Hessian is a course jute cloth, and is used as underlining. Sounds easy enough to use but its application varies vastly according to what surface it is being applied to. Hence the need for this set of films to guide you through use over webbing, springs, wood and even an iron frame.

The use of hessian for a tacked rolled edge is another subject within this category.

Stuffing & Calico - Tip for Concealing Tack Damage

You can't expect your stuffing to go according to plan unless you prepare for it properly and this set of videos show you how to hold it all in place.
Calico is a off white plain-woven textile made from unbleached cotton - often not fully processed. It is much stronger than, say curtain lining and well worth investing in for over your stuffing.

Buttoning Tips

Help is at hand in this section to assist you with the art of deep buttoning. It's really not as difficult as it looks and this step by step guide will help you start from scratch or use an original pad.

Braid, Cord & Piping Introduction

As we near the completion of our projects it's such fun to play around with different finishes to complement the final look. In upholstery we have braids and cords, either off the shelf, or handmade, to choose from. You will need access to a sewing machine to make your own single and double piping.

Indulge in this section to give you inspiration to give a totally bespoke finish.

This is a FREE preview of my Chair tutorials.

Subscribe from £9.99 a month and get unlimited access to become a top cover upholstery pro!