How To Tie An Upholstery Slip Knot

The Slip Knot is invaluable in any craft or trade that requires stitching or sewing. Its self-tightening behaviour means it's useful in everything from stitching to sewing, using straight or curved needles, with thread, twine, string or even rope.

Slip Knots can be made tighter or looser by pulling one of it's ends.


Make a small stitch through the material and pull two peices of twine parallel. Pinch the two pieces together with your thumb and index finger.


Then start to loop the shorter piece of twin back on itself 'anticlockwise around the tree'.


Continue to loop the short end over the top of the pieces of twine still in parallel. This will leave a circular loop in a 'd' shape.


Continuing anticlockwise, pull the twine back up through the hole you created from underneath back towards you.


Keep hold of the shorter end of twine and pull it all the way through the hole.


Pull the shorter end all the way through to tighten.


Keeping hold of the longer end to continue to tighten the shortner end until the loop disappears.


Once the knot is created it will 'slip' towards the stitch on the material and tighten.


Your slipknot is now secure to enable you to start stitching your project.