Getting Started

Stripping the Chair

This video is a brief introduction to how to strip down a chair, providing some basic tips and guidance to ensure you use the right tools and are careful not to damage your frame or discard elements of the chair that can be reused.

Frame Maintenance

Once you have stripped down your chair to reveal its frame you will be able to assess whether any repairs are required. Whilst more serious repairs are best carried out by a carpenter, there are some simple pieces of maintenance and cleaning that you can easily carry out yourself. In this video, I show you some of these simple aspects of frame maintenance.

New Vs Old

I highlight some of the differences in construction between new and older types of wingback chairs. The upholstery techniques presented are predominantly applied to traditionally constructed chairs.

Fire Regulations

This video provides some guidance on furniture and fire regulations. It is important to check whether the piece you are working on needs to comply with local fire regulations. At the time of writting, furniture in the UK is governed by The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988. 

A piece of furniture manufactured prior to 1st January 1950 will be exempt from the regulations, whilst anything manufactured after that date is not.